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Outdoor Training Track

Stepping outside comfort zones
Generally,we keep ourselves away from unfamiliar situations or settings for which we have a fear of failure, falling behind, getting injured or humiliated. This might seen normal, however, keeping away from unfamiliar concepts, objects, settings or situations which require different or unusual ways of thinking or effort means keeping away from learning, too. Learning takes place out of our normal settings or our comfort zones we have built on the basis of our past experiences. And this requires confronting and re-examining our fears, habits and breaking the routines.

Birikim’s Education Programmes for Developing Team Work, Communication and Leadership Skills through Ropes Course
Programs are tailored to meet any of a variety of purposes and needs of organizations as well as mental and physical needs of the participants. The encouraging atmosphere offers all individuals to participate in activities and thereby leading to growth in line with personal and organisational development goals. Under the guidance of Birikim Consultants, evaluations are conducted upon completion of each activity.The methods applied in these evaluations not only enable maximization of learning from experiences but also offer participants to transfer their experiences back to their professional working lives and thereby develop new and applicable strategies.
We explore ourselves through experiences!
Most effective learning takes place if we question our experiences and ve bunların neden, nasıl, niçin olduğunun sorgulanmasıyla gerçekleşir. And self-explored learning is always more valuable than those presented by others. Through our experiences, we become more aware of ourselves and our self-capacity as well as of the people we collaborate. Development is possible only if we could comprehend how we behave and if we could see the consequences of our acts through living. Effective learning experiences offer individuals to evaluate their real capacity and their way of thinking. In this way, they could produce, create and effect in a much efficient manner and be able to manage themselves and their conditions. It is this very stage of the learning process that Birikim’s method of learning represents.

Ropes Course Method
The Ropes Course activities consist of a series of initiatives that are designed at the meters of height above the ground and that invite individuals and groups to challange and overcome their existing limits. In each activity, full security is ensured through ropes, helmets, safety vests and built-in system. These activities enable individuals to work past fears and limits and thereby to discover their real potential. Under challanging conditions, teams are required to work together to overcome the obstacles presented to them. Therefore success will depend not only upon individual strengths but on the degree of common purposes and cooperation among the team members. And common purposes and cooperation will nurture higher levels of trust, solidarity and senses of ownership of the work.

The Stake
Ready to discover your limits?Although it seems as a personal activity, success is not possible without your team’s support. While some partcipipants are responsible for your safety, others will give you motivational support to climb higher.
Cooperation, trust, support and motivation.
Result, peak!

Triumph Wall
Goals could not be reached without a common purpose and total effort!
In this practice, a rope binds three participants climbing towards a common end. This bond means “No matter how you are strong, you could not climb to the Triumph Wall unless you care about your team”. Success is not possible unless individual strengths are used in pursuit of common goals. Interpersonal relationships among individuals and departments, which are of utmost importance for developing a corporate culture and to reach the common ends but which are usually neglected and drawn to the background in the professional life, are emphasized and come to the foreground. Confronting common challanges,participants clearly recognize the importance of overcoming this neglect.

Balance Rope
Test thenstrategic cooperaion, win-win behaviours and balance in the lifeat the meters of height above the ground!
Dressed in the necessary equipments, participants performs this activity on the on the Y-shaped steel wire rope. From the starting point, participants move forward independently to reach the meeting point. Once this point of intersection is reached, they could only reach the endpoint if they could provide a degree of trust, cooperation and communication between them and if they could stand in balance together. The success of an activity, which requires more than which is impossible If an activity is conducted with more than one individual, success is only possible through cooperation.
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